Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Hoara slide show

My Reflection
I was  learning about aspects of hauora . it was easy because mrs M had a slide show explaning it all . I don't know how I could do better

Tearm 2 Week 4


It was finally the day  we were going on a school trip to tetuhi  down in pakuranga  plaza. We went there in a van Mr walker did a talking tom  just before we were about to leave. While we were getting there I acted like I was on a roller coaster it was wicked. finally we got there we had to wait till Jearmy would teach us how to make our virtical garden  . We first made the plastic bottles in to containers for our plants after that we decarated them put pummis in our, containers  , dirt , food for the plants  and finally the actual  plants I had a fern this trip was incredible .

Thursday, 21 May 2015

T2 W5

A  few days ago My class started to do some art , Tonal landscape art . We first drew our landscape it took me  a wile to draw the landscape  I do not remember how long it took me. Again we started to paint , at the bottom of the page was the darkest shade then there was just dark , true color  ,light  and lightest

Monday, 18 May 2015

Addition and Subtraction examples Slidesohow

My Reflection

I was learning how to create a slideshow to show how to do rounding and conpensating and place value partitioning.  It was easy to write the S.C for rounding and conpensating.  Next time I would like to do a slideshow for divison.

Thursday, 7 May 2015


THE Mayor

On Monday Len brown the mayor  came to elm park primary school to give us proof that we have a green gold school.  At the beginning we showed the them  our Powhiri   I think they were impressed by the amount of noise.  after that the junior choir gave it a go and sang a short song.  then we all sang EIAIE all together while the kapa haka group did the actions . the other guest's were getting pleased of how much attention the caused . At last the mayor presented us a certificate  for proof and we finally had our morning tea.