Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fact or Opinion Follow-up

                                                     My Reflection 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

T4W1 holiday

T4W1 holiday

The first time I had ever touched the snow was in the holidays i was amazed at how it felt  not hard but not soft so this is how my snow story started . it started when my mum told me where we were going and when she told me the day before it was happening  because i was finally  going to touch the snow for the first time .
When it was the next day and school was over my  Aunty,Uncle  and baby cousin when they eventually came I was rally happy to see them . we were going to go to the snow together. we got ready
and all wen't in the van there for whole 5 hours the " I'm hungry and sleepy and bored I wan't chips"  coming from Meher my baby  cousin the whole time when we were nearly at Whakapapa we saw Mount Reapehu 
the mountain we would all be skiing on.  we saw the sight and it was incredible .when we arrived at our hostel it diddn't look as I expected. 
It was called Ski Haus and I really liked the look of it .we found our  room and wen't to sleep fast it was 10 pm and it was late .