Thursday, 13 October 2016

Post Card


Paige said...

Great job Annika, I like how you have used a variaty of topic vocabulary like first week, holidays and second. I also like how you used interesting vocab in your letter like begging. Next time I think you could add more detail in your letter.

Tanielle said...

Wow Annika! Sounds like you had a pretty great holiday. Good to hear you spent some time with your family. You must've been glad to get you laptop back! You have written a really interesting post card. Keep up the good work!

Eliani said...

Well done Annika! you have explained really well on what you did in the holidays looks like you had heaps of fun.I like that you have added extra detail witch helped me understand were you were and how you felt.
I really enjoyed this letter keep up the good work!.